The Tāłtān Dictionary was made possible through the immeasurable contributions of Tahltan Language Keepers and Knowledge Holders, silent speakers, language learners and teachers, and individuals who supported us administratively and otherwise working from behind the scenes during the process from across the Nation and beyond. We are thankful for the collective support of those within the Tahltan Central Government. We are proud to acknowledge everyone’s contributions. Together, these dedicated individuals have created a living document that will help document, maintain, preserve, and pass down the language to future generations.

We would first like to acknowledge the Tahltan Elders, Ancestors, Language Keepers, Knowledge Holders and educators who are no longer with us. They worked for many years to document, preserve and maintain Tāłtān for generations to come. We would also like to thank and acknowledge all those who were involved in language work in the past and those who continue to work on the language in all capacities across the Nation. Everyone’s contributions are essential and valued. This dictionary builds on the foundations of all the previous work, including legacy material from the Tahltan Children’s Illustrated Dictionary and Basic Tahltan Conversation Lessons with the audio recordings of Pat and Edith Carlick. We would like to acknowledge and extend our sincerest gratitude to the many speakers (listed below not in any particular order) who have contributed and passed down their knowledge for the dictionary.

Edna Quock, Margery Inkster Sr., Mary Quock, Janet Vance, Regina Louie, Pat Etzerza, Henry Vance, Morris Louie, Jim Nole, Ruby Nole, Mary Brown, Kitty Brown, Elmer Dennis, Lucy Brown, Theresa Etzerza, Andy Louie, Connie Quock, Loretta Dennis, Flora Reid, Fannie Lindstrom, Erma Nole Bourquin, Grace Williams, Andy Quock, Rocky Jackson, James Tashoots, Kaleb Vance, Daryl Dennis, John Nole, Willie Williams, Bill Larson, Phyllis Fowler, Rita Louie, Sally Dennis, Emma D Carlick, Joan Brown, Pauline Dennis, Clements Tashoots, Bluebell Quock, and the late Isaac Quock.

We are also grateful for the dedicated Coordinators, Scribes, and Dictionary Editors. This project would not have been possible without their dedication and commitment to the work. (listed below not in any particular order)

Hayle Gallup, Patrica Louie, Verna Vance, Tanya Louie, Kathy Cottrell, Lesli Louie, Pauline Hawkins, Skye Whiting, Sonia Dennis, Melva Quock, and Julia Payne.

Finally, we would also like to acknowledge the staff at The Language Conservancy. This dictionary is possible because of their expertise, guidance, and support throughout the development process.